Book Review — The Marriage Bargain

The Marriage Bargain

3.5 stars

“Nick stood alone and watched her.
A strange emotion bubbled up inside of him. Since he’d never experienced it before, he couldn’t seek out a name. There was little left in life that touched him, and he admitted he liked it that way.
Tonight, something changed.”

This was a very fun, light, short read. I read the kindle version, and it was only around 200 pages long. The biggest thing for me was the characters. In a book that only spans around 200 pages, generally the characters aren’t well-developed in both history (what makes them who they are) and personality. Ms. Probst was able to develop both. I was very impressed, and glad to find that I enjoyed both of the main characters. Sure, Nick could be a little cold sometimes, but there were glimpses of the man he really was, rather than the man he forced himself to be because of his past. Plus, he was HOT, simple as that. Alexa was so wonderful. She was independent, smart, funny, sassy, and she stayed true to who she was, even when Nick wished otherwise. Frankly, it was a breath of fresh air.

The other thing that I really enjoyed was the hot, steamy sex scenes. But they were so much more than that! Ms. Probst has a way of writing sex scenes that really go deep. It’s not just about the sex, as hot as it is. It’s also about the emotions and the connection between the characters. It’s simply beautiful. Every single scene had my heart racing and smiling like a giddy, lovesick teenager. The sex was there for a purpose other than just to be a sex scene. Sometimes it’s nice to have a book full of sex, just for the sake of sex. But Ms. Probst did it right with this one.

A very enjoyable book! If you’re looking for a quick, fun, yet deep book, don’t hesitate to get this one. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!